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Factory Add: High-tech Industrial Park ,Longkou ,Shandong Province ,China
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Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine
Date[2011-2-22 8:46:09]   A total access[22920]

    Fully automatic vacuum forming machine ,our newly-developed machine,can improve work efficiently.Now it has been exported to overseas.Now let me introduce id in detail:
   Multi-purpose machine Foams, Cuts, Auto-Stacks, and Scrap
winds to save energy, space, and labor.
Forming area: 800 X 600, 1000 X 1100
Suitable Materials: Foamed PS, PS, PET, PVC, PP, BS, HIPS, etc.
Heating by IR Ceramic Heaters
Feeding by AC servo motor system
Foaming by AC servo motor system
Cutting by Hydraulic force cutting
Heater Control by Computer system
PLC control system
   The above are all the characteristics of vacuum forming
machine.If you want to order our products,just contract us,we will give you some discount.Warmlt welcome to cooperate with us,winning both development!
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Haiyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd mainly manufacture vacuum forming machine,cutting off machine and so on
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